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Christopher Prax-Huber

Rail Cargo Logistics - Austria GmbH
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MOBILER: Innovation for your logistics

We have
now managed to practically combine the advantages of rail and road transport in one system, the so-called MOBILER. MOBILER enables railway transports for all customers, if they have a railway siding or not. Your goods will be picked up by a special MOBILER truck and transported to the next loading station where the transport continues by rail.

Speed, safety and efficiency of the MOBILER technology are the preconditions for transporting more goods in an environmentally friendly manner by rail – and you will benefit from the advantages of a fast and flexible truck delivery on site. Not only "just in time" transports are part of the service portfolio but also transport monitoring as well as arrival notifications by email or SMS.

Individual Solutions for Customers

Together, we analyze your requirements and develop an optimally harmonized individual logistics solution, based on the requirements. We provide you with a comprehensive service offer ranging from the equipment to the monitoring of your consignment in the Internet. Concerning long-term shipping orders, we provide tailor-made equipment for your transport.

Your benefits

  • MOBILER Container and WAB handling can be carried out by the truck driver in a few minutes and at any place.
  • Handling is possible at any loading track with a lateral access for trucks.
  • Environmentally friendly transports by rail are possible even without a railway siding.
  • Especially suited for hazardous cargo

MOBILER is already used by the following sectors

  • Fast moving consumer goods including beverage logistics for bottle and keg transports
  • Heavy bulk goods and residues like waste paper, slag, scarp, construction products
  • Industry products and all goods on pallets
  • Liquids and hazardous cargo in tank containers