6 decades of experience and commitment

1947 Foundation of the company

Since its foundation in 1947, our company has been known as a rail freight operator in the logistics market. In the intervening years its service portfolio has continually expanded. Just a few years after it was established, the company began transporting cargo by air and sea as well as by rail.

1958 Worldwide logistics service provider

In addition to carrying out European movements, Express-Interfracht soon began operating worldwide as a logistics service provider, and started shipping export goods to China as early as 1958.

1968 First Austrian warehouse

In 1968 Express-Interfracht built its first Austrian warehouse. In the following decades, the company gradually expanded its logistics platforms across Europe. Today it is taken for granted that we offer logistics services worldwide.

1974 Container transports to Asia

The opportunities provided by intermodal transport techniques were recognised early on, and in 1974 the first container transports to Asia were undertaken. Subsequently Express-Interfracht developed a comprehensive shuttle network for transporting large containers between western / central Europe and southeastern Europe.

1987 Award of the Austrian national coat of arms

In recognition of the capabilities of this universal freight forwarder, Express-Interfracht was awarded the Austrian national coat of arms in 1987.

1996 Introduction of quality audits

Since 1996 our company has regularly undergone quality audits and is certified according to the international standards of the International Organization for Standardization.

1999 Integration into the Rail Cargo Austria group (Austrian Federal Railways-ÖBB) and further expansion

In the following years Express-Interfracht developed an extensive network of locations in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States and now has branches in several European countries. These include subsidiaries in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Hungary.

2014 Renaming in Rail Cargo Logistics - Austria
By combining the competence within the Rail Cargo Group can be more efficiently dealt with customer needs.  Extensive industry expertise and decades of experience in logistics, guarantee a comprehensive logistics quality across Europe.