Rail Cargo Logistics - Austria GmbH

A-1100 Vienna
Am Hauptbahnhof 2
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About Rail Cargo Logistics - Austria GmbH

Rail Cargo Logistics - Austria GmbH – part of the Rail Cargo Group – offers a complete range of logistics for the automotive, building materials, consumer goods, montane, timber, paper and special transport industries. The main focus is on the train as an environmentally friendly mode of transport. The decades of experience of our staff from more than 20 nations and the latest technologies represent a new generation of logistics. For our clients we combine expertise with passion and develop tailor-made rail logistics solutions.

Service offers beyond national borders

The transport specialist has an extensive logistics network with over 50 locations between the North Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, making it one of the leading logistics service providers in Europe. Whether single wagons, large containers or trains – we connect markets of important economic centers and offer customized logistics solutions in Central and South Eastern Europe.

Warehouse logistics as a hub

International warehouse logistics systems are the hubs of freight transport. With direct rail connection and docking places, goods go directly from transportation to the warehouse of our international logistics locations. Rail Cargo Logistics - Austria GmbH offers warehousing and logistics space across Europe with more than 400,000 pallets.

Rail Cargo Logistics - Austria GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rail Cargo Austria AG – member of Rail Cargo Group – and was founded in 1947 as Express, appearing in the market as Express-Interfracht until February 2014.